Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive an order confirmation via email.


Please contact us immediately by calling 450-622-3443. Once the order has been sent to the shipping department, we are not able to cancel it. Most orders start processing within 10 minutes after they have been placed. 


Most orders are shipped the same business day if placed before 2PM ET. 


Can I still buy from your site without a credit card?

Yes. Please call us on our toll free number 450-622-3443 and you will be asked to send payment in advance before we ship your order.


Can I buy from your website if I live outside of the USA or Canada?

Unfortunately, our website is only programmed for shipping within the USA and Canada. However, you can always send us your order and shipping address by email to and we will reply with shipping and payment terms.


How will my order be shipped?

We ship via several courier services like UPS and Canada Post.


How will shipping charges be calculated?

We offer free shipping on orders of $70 USD / $95 CAD or more. If your order is under this amount, there will be a small shipping charge of $14USD.


How long will it take to receive my order?

 Please allow 2-8 business days for delivery.                                                                                                                                                    

What should I do if an item I received is damaged or defective?

Send us a brief an email describing the issue to along with clear images of your sales receipt, the item's defect, and wide shots of the whole item.  


What is the warranty on your items?

Cuisinox cookware is covered by a 25 year limited warranty. 


Will your cookware work on induction cooktops? 

Yes. All Cuisinox cookware as well as all of our stainless steel espresso makers are designed to work on induction cook tops. 


Which cookware works best on my gas stove?

All Cuisinox cookware may be used on gas stoves. Many manufacturers of gas stoves strongly recommend using the Cuisinox Super Elite collection which was especially designed for professional use on gas stoves which are standard in most high-end restaurants. 

Can Cuisinox cookware be used on ceramic or glass stovetops?

Yes, all Cuisinox cookware has flat smooth bases, ensuring total contact with all types of stovetops.